Using Radio Mobile for Windows

Downloading and Installing Radio Mobile

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There are two ways to install Radio Mobile. You can either download the installer file available through this website or download the individual compressed files from the Radio Mobile website or the mirror.

Radio Mobile Installer

Using the installer is the easiest way to install Radio Mobile. Simply download the installer file from the files section of this website and then double click on the installer icon. This will install everything into C:\Program Files\Radio Mobile Deluxe <version> where <version> represents the current version of the software. It will also create a shortcut on your desktop and a start menu entry. There is also an uninstaller bundled with the package for easy removal of the software.

Individual Files

Installing from the files available on the main site or the mirror is a bit more complicated.

First you need to make sure you have the correct software to unpack .zip files on your computer. If you are using Windows ME or higher this should already be included. If you are using Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0 you will need to download additional software. A good program for working with .zip files is 7-Zip. 7-Zip has a nice GUI similar to WinZip as well as being completely free, open source software. There is no registration fee and it can pack and unpack most popular file compression formats. Please visit the 7-Zip homepage for more details.

The next step is to create two folders; C:\Temp where you will download the files and C:\rmw where you will extract the files. Once you have done this download all of the files from the download page and save them to C:\Temp. With your zip software extract these files to C:\rmw. For easy access to the Radio Mobile software create a shortcut on your desktop that points to C:\rmw\RMWDLX.exe. Radio Mobile is now ready to use on your computer.

Now that you have installed Radio Mobile double click on the shortcut on your desktop. You should see a window like Figure 1. If you receive an error message you may need to install the Visual Basic runtime libraries. You can download them from the download page or by visiting Microsoft's website.

Radio Mobile Default (256x188, 5.9k) Click to view larger image.

Figure 1: Radio Mobile Default Window

Once you are certain Radio Mobile is working properly, move on to the next step, Obtaining Elevation Data.


  1. Radio Mobile Home Page
  2. Mirror Site at
  3. 7-Zip Home Page
  4. Visual Basic Runtime Library Download Page
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